Mississippi health officials speak out about the state of COVID in Mississippi

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 11:37 PM CDT
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PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - State health officials held a press conference Thursday afternoon addressing some eye-opening statistics regarding COVID in the Magnolia State.

According to State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs, Mississippi ranks number one in monoclonal antibody treatments. On the other hand, Mississippi is also number one in deaths per capita.

“We said we’re going to lose 1,000 folks in August unless we do something different, we didn’t do enough different,” said Dobbs. “We still have far too many people in Mississippi who aren’t immune either from natural infection or immunization. The place where we are wasn’t inevitable and the place we go isn’t inevitable.”

The officials addressed many public concerns as well, including pregnancy and the vaccine. According to Dr. Marty Tucker, all pregnant women should get vaccinated. He also stated that the vaccine shows no signals that suggest fertility issues.

According to MSDH, nearly 95,000 cases were reported in the month of August alone, which accounts for nearly 20% of Mississippi’s total cases.

According to Dr. Paul Byers, though the overall percentage of mortality isn’t high (2%), the mortality rate drastically increases when the patient is hospitalized. Mortality jumps to nearly 15% with hospitalized patients. The percentage rises to 37% when a patient is admitted to the ICU. Nearly 65% of patients put on ventilators lose the battle against COVID.

Byers also says that the average daily COVID case is falling, but is still very high. Though on the decline, the average daily cases are still higher now than the peak of the winter surge.

Dobbs encourages doctors and patients to get monoclonal treatment in order to help increase their survival chances if infected with COVID-19.

“Right now, I want to encourage doctors and patients to get it. We do have a little bit on shelves in different locations and if we have to move it from North Mississippi to the Coast to make sure you have access to, it this is a priority. We want to make sure you have optimal success at health and survival if you get COVID,” said Dobbs.

For any additional information on COVID numbers and information on vaccines, you can go to the MSDH website.

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