Jones Logistics: Truck drivers are the “lifeblood” of our business

Pine Belt company acknowledges the people who drive across the country to keep the economy going
Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 9:19 PM CDT
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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) -No matter if you’re driving to your local grocery store or if you’re taking a family road trip across the country, you’re bound to see several trucks passing as you make your way.

You might’ve passed Joshua Law who works for Jones Logistics. Although he’s in the office now, he spent 10 years behind the wheel of a truck.

“It’s not meant for everybody, you know, like I said, ... it can be pretty nerve-wracking out there by yourself having to rely on yourself,” said Law.

Although he said seeing the country was a pretty cool experience, it came with a price that impacted his family.

“Being away from your family for so long and also running into just everyday normal drivers that don’t hold a CDL, they don’t really understand how dangerous it is to, you know, tailgate a big truck or be too close on a big truck,” said Law.

Alex Maurer is the vice president of the brokerage for Jones Logistics. Although he’s never been a truck driver, he has a deep level of respect for them. He says they are the lifeblood of the business, especially during the pandemic.

“The one thing that you could count on was America’s supply chain. You could go to the store, and you are going to be able to feed your family the next day because a truck driver was going to be delivering to the Walmart,” said Maurer.

Maurer says truck drivers are often unappreciated by the public, and many people don’t realize just how important truck drivers are.

“Every time we go to the store to buy groceries, every time that we go to buy our favorite commodity, whatever it is, it got there on a truck,” said Maurer

Law has three daughters ages 11, eight and two. He said when they get older, he already knows one of the first rules of driving he’s going to teach them.

“Respect big truck drivers. Well, respect what they do, and give them their space,” said Maurer.

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