Jones Co. Sheriff’s Department looking for weekend shooter

One man dead, two injured after a shooting at a bar in Hebron
One man dead, two injured after a shooting at a bar in Hebron
Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 5:34 PM CDT
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JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Twenty-one-year-old Timothy Crosby is dead and two other people were wounded after a weekend shooting at a bar in Jones County.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is seeking information on the shooting that took place around Sunday morning around 1:30 a.m. at JR’s bar, also known as Norman’s, in the Hebron community.

“As of right now, no witnesses are coming forward. There’s really no leads on who the shooter is,” said Sgt. J.D. Carter, JCSD investigator.

The investigator said four different caliber weapons were used at the crime scene. At least 50 rounds were fired.

“I don’t see one individual getting four different types of guns and popping that many rounds. The way the crime scene was, the spread of shell casings, there was definitely more than one shooting,” said Carter.

Carter says one man’s truck was hit with several bullets.

“According to his statement, there was a verbal altercation between several people that he was standing away from, so he couldn’t hear what the argument was about. He just knew there was a bunch of screaming and yelling. Somebody pulled out a gun and started shooting. He took off running, heard several more gunshots, and was about to get back to his truck,” said Carter.

As of now, JCSD has little information about the shooter’s description.

“As of right now, we don’t even know what the argument was about, what started it ... we just know how it ended unfortunately with the loss of a life ... There are a lot more unknowns than knows right now in the incident,” Carter added.

According to Carter, the victim was identified as Crosby. Carter also said that two other individuals were injured.

“It’s frustrating that a man lost his life and a family is suffering from the loss of a child and brother and friend and nobody’s willing to come forward and even assist in trying to locate the shooter,” said Carter.

Anyone with information on the identity of the shooter is asked to call JCSD at 601-425-3147 or Jones County Crime Stoppers at 601-428-STOP (7867).

“We wish they would come in and give a statement especially if they saw the actual shooters which would make the case more solid than it is. But even if they don’t want their name involved, they can still call and leave anonymous tips or email the sheriff’s department,” said Carter.

“We need witnesses who were at JR’s at the time of the shooting to come forward and help identify a suspect and the getaway vehicle involved,” advises Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin. “We need cooperation from the large group of people who were at this social club and at the moment that cooperation is lacking. Someone is bound to know who the shooter is.”

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