Construction and new traffic patterns coming to US-11, I-59 intersection

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 7:38 PM CDT
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FORREST COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Drivers who travel a lot around the U.S. Highway 11 and Interstate 59 intersection can expect to see construction and new traffic patterns coming in a few months.

One resident says between I-59, US-11 and Sullivan Kilrain Road, there are too many intersections and they want the Mississippi Department of Transportation to do something to make traffic safer.

Missy Hill says she didn’t have to live there long to see the traffic.

“About six months maybe, if even that, when we noticed it was a problem. A lot of wrecks going on,” Hill says.

Hill says she worries about her family members driving in to visit with all of the traffic.

“Yeah, I worry about that all the time. When they have to come in and out and stuff, it worries me as they leave, and yes, I’ve been close to a wreck my own self living here,” Hill explains.

MDOT officials have noticed the problem too.

Kelly Castleberry, the District Engineer for District Six explains,

“MDOT looks at all the intersections statewide. We have a safety department. As a part of that, we have a study that’s ongoing just for that area of US-11, I-59, Sullivan Kilrain and further to the south eventually getting to Purvis,” said MDOT District Engineer for District Six Kelly Castleberry. “And we realize that in the future there’s going to have to be some geometric improvements. Could be round-a-bouts, could be diverging timing, could be a different setup of traffic signals.”

Right now there is an MDOT project about to get started in the area separate from the traffic study.

Workers will widen and lengthen the on and off-ramps to I-59. The project does provide an opportunity for some changes to the traffic patterns.

“As part of that project, we’ve added some work to that project,” Castleberry says. “We’re going to install temporary traffic signals at each of the ramps, both northbound and southbound on US-11, and we’re also going to install a traffic signal at Sullivan Kilrain Rad and US-11. But that’s still being studied and there’s going to be a longer-term solution even after this short-term solution is installed.”

Castleberry says drivers can expect to see those temporary stoplights go up in the next few months and MDOT will continue watching the intersections to find the best permanent fix.

He says if you have concerns or questions about the traffic and safety in your area you can call your local MDOT office.

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