Jones Co. Sheriff’s Department fundraising for additional patrol K9

Published: Jul. 25, 2021 at 9:51 PM CDT
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JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is asking for help from community members in adding a valuable member to its team.

The department currently has three K9′s actively serving with three of its four patrol squads, meaning one squad doesn’t have the protection of a K9.

“It’s very pertinent that we have a K9 coverage on that shift because that’s 12 hours where anything can happen that there’s no K9 available,” said Sgt. Derick Knight with JCSD.

According to JCSD officials, it will cost about $15,000 dollars to purchase and train the dog. Though it’s a lot of money, we’re told K9′s are vital to the department.

“If you’ve got a missing elderly person who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or from dementia and they may have walked off… a missing child, we can use those K9 assets then to help track and help locate those missing people,” said Lance Chancellor with JCSD.

Sgt. Knight is the current handler of JCSD K9 Oblix, or ‘Obi’ for short. Obi is trained in different things like narcotics, tracking and handler protection.

Additionally, Sgt. Knight says Obi’s quick pace helps the squad make arrests faster.

“Whenever we need to apprehend a fugitive or a suspect, we rely on him because he’s faster than us and he can catch people. He is trained to once, you know, we deploy him to bite and hold that suspect until we can get there and get him into custody,” Sgt. Knight said.

He notes Obi’s skills have been crucial not only to his team but to his life as well.

“He has been a major asset. He’s actually saved my life. He’s had several apprehensions of suspects and wanted fugitives and stuff... He has numerous drug arrests where I use him to locate and find illegal narcotics,” Sgt. Knight said.

To donate to JCSD’s K9 fund, call the department at (601) 425-3147.

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