Teen killed in crash saves lives with organ donation

Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 6:18 PM CDT
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MARION COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - A Marion County teen was killed after she was struck by a vehicle while riding on her four-wheeler earlier this week, but she has saved others through organ donation.

Miranda Jaqueline Trujillo, 14, went by Mia. Her family members say she loved helping people.

“She actually wanted to be a counselor for troubled teens. Since she’s passed away, I’ve had so many people that I don’t even know call, text me and tell me ‘well, if it wasn’t for Mia, I wouldn’t be here.’ Mia has talked me through stuff. Mia has helped me, and I never realized how big of an impact my baby had on people,” said Mia’s mother, Tabitha Taylor.

The family decided to donate her organs.

“Whenever they told us that my baby passed away, we wanted to help somebody else live through her,” Tabitha said.

Mia’s sister, Audriana Taylor, and Tabitha lean on each other as they explain the mementos they have of her.

Tabitha pulls a stuffed animal from a box saying, “It’s a kitty cat and they put a recording of her heartbeat.”

Audriana and Tabitha say that Mia’s organs will help three people.

As for her heart, Tabitha was emotional.

“We really, really, really wanted to hear my baby’s heartbeat in somebody else,” Tabitha said. “But we got word this morning that her heart wasn’t compatible with anybody that was needing one. So it really got me down. But then they told me that her valves could be used. So instead of her saving one person with her heart, they’re going to be able to save four people with her heart.”

Mia’s sister and mother remember how much she loved to play soccer and go to church.

“She loved soccer and she loved playing soccer,” Tabitha said. “She was really good at it, really good. We actually had coaches fussing over whose team she was going to be on. We had coaches calling asking, ‘Can Mia be on my team?’ And I was like, ‘Well, that’s up to Mia.’ She was really good.”

Audriana says while she and her sister didn’t grow up close, they were very similar and enjoyed spending time together.

“I would call her and tell her, you know, let’s go get some food, or lets go to Hattiesburg, let’s go shopping and she would come get in with me,” Audriana said.

The family hopes no one has to go through their pain, so Tabitha makes this plea.

“Please don’t drink and drive. Don’t do drugs and drive. Don’t get on the road if you’re sleepy, if you want to be on your phone,” Tabitha said. “I’ve lost my baby and I can’t get her back, but I wouldn’t want somebody else to have to go through that, to lose theirs. So if she can save somebody, that’s what she would have wanted because that’s the kind of person Mia was.”

The family is making arrangements for Mia. You can donate to the GoFundMe here or Cash App $tabithataylor82.

WDAM reached out to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department who said the crash is under investigation.

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