Summer fun in Jasper County

Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 6:48 PM CDT
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JASPER COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Jasper County is a fairly rural county, but there are still places you can go with the kids to have some fun over the summer.

If you like ATV riding, Twistwood Creek is the perfect place for you to do it, says the general manger Barnell Jones.

“We do not consider ourselves the average ATV park. We consider ourselves more of a music venue that surrounds ourselves around ATV lovers, music lovers and families.” Jones says.

Jones says they try their best to make the park enjoyable for everyone.

“We’ve had game tents for kids, we’ve had of course the live music blues shows for the adults, and of course the ATV lovers can go out on the coarse and enjoy themselves,” Jones says.

You should contact them for booking times and prices.

And if you are a fan of animals, you could head over to A Stroka Gene-Us Alpaca Farm in Stringer and feed the alpacas.

“They don’t bite, they don’t have any top teeth and they can pet them,” says and we come in the store that’s air conditioned, and I show the process of turning their hair into yarn, I spin their hair into yarn, and we make all sorts of things here in the store” says farm owner Mary Ann Stroka.

Although the alpacas get all of the shine, they aren’t the only animals on the farm.

“Besides the alpacas, we have a llama, we have too many donkeys, we have four great puppies that like to be petted. We’ve got a whole bunch of baby chicks and baby ducks,” Stroka says. “So there’s a lot going on around here.”

The admission price is $5.

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