Heidelberg resident frustrated with drainage problem

Heidelberg resident frustrated with drainage problem

HEIDELBERG, Miss. (WDAM) - A 78-year-old Heidelberg man says he feels neglected by the city after dealing with a drainage problem for more than two years.

Martin Bunch is tired of dealing with an old drain in front of his house.

“This drainage ditch here under my driveway, it has a metal covering, which is rotted out,” Bunch said. “It’s about a foot under, you can see what’s going on with it.”

Bunch says the problem causes flooding on his property and he has been dealing with it for too long.

“Over two years I’ve been trying to get the mayor to take care of it. He won’t do it,” Bunch said.

WDAM reached out to Mayor Wilbert Carr, who says they have sent a crew to repair the problem before.

“We could’ve cut it while we had the machine in, but he refused us,” Carr said.

Bunch says it was raining that day and he would have had trouble leaving his house.

“Once they got here, they wanted to cut my driveway,” Bunch said. “I wouldn’t let them do it. You’re not going to block me in. It’s been better days than this.”

According to Carr, the city does not own the machine needed for the work and it costs a lot of money to use.

“We can’t rent the machine just for one special house,” Carr said. “When we rent the machine, we are cutting three and four driveways.”

The mayor also says he will continue to try and repair the problem while using city money wisely. Also, the city is scheduled to rent the machine in the near future.

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