You can donate blood after a COVID-19 vaccine, doctors say

Mississippi Blood Services says blood donations are at critically low levels.
Updated: Apr. 16, 2021 at 8:35 AM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi Blood Services says there’s a critical need for blood donations in the Magnolia State.

The agency is pleading for donors to give blood.

MBS says blood suppliers are at critically low levels and they’re unable to supply some orders to local hospitals.

Donating can help save a life because the blood is often used in treatment for trauma victims, patients with blood disorders, those undergoing cancer treatments, and even those fighting COVID, MBS says.

When there is not enough donated blood, the organization says some procedures like surgeries at hospitals are at risk of being put on hold.

About 250-300 donors are needed each day to keep the supply up but MBS says, they’re seeing less than 200.

There’s been some miscommunication about whether people can give blood after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, but doctors say it’s safe to give blood after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

“A lot of people have said I’ve had the covid vaccine can I give blood, yes, absolutely,” Dr. Damon Darsey with Mississippi Center for Emergency Services said. “Those are the questions we hear a lot but the biggest thing we see is that when Spring happens, we’re out on boats, we’re on jet ski’s we’re on four-wheelers and people have accidents and people don’t realize this blood is given all over the state not just in the big hospitals but in small communities, on the side of the road, in helicopters, all over the place to take care of these guys and girls over the state.”

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