Mississippi-based restaurant chain increases minimum wage for employees

Mississippi-based restaurant chain increases minimum wage for employees

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Half Shell Oyster House raised its minimum wage for non-tipped employees from $11 dollars to $12 an hour.

Those seeing the raise are dishwashers, cooks, kitchen staff and bussers. Gulf Coast Restaurant Group marketing director Kelsey Griffin explains why they are doing this for their employees

“We’re just trying to take what we learned in 2020 and apply that adaptability to the conversation that we are having with our employees,” Griffin said. “And figure out what they want and what would parallel their needs.”

As the economy continues to open back up, here’s what Griffin believes we could see across the restaurant industry.

“I think that a lot of restaurants are probably already working on implementing this in their stores as well,” Griffin said. “We were just kind of very aggressive with us announcing that we are doing it right. I think we will see a lot of more creative ways that other restaurants are going to try and attract new employees.”

The raise was implemented on Thursday for the employees.

“It’s these guys who are working equally as long hours in a hot kitchen,” Griffin said. “You know, when you are cooking a ton of dishes for a busy shift, and you know this is just a way of us rewarding them.”

If you would like to apply, visit halfshelloysterhouse.com.

The chain has 14 locations across Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida.

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