Congregation breaks ground for new church after Easter 2020 storms

Congregation breaks ground for new church after Easter 2020 storms

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Members of the Pleasant Home Baptist Church broke ground for their new church building this week after last year’s Easter tornado outbreak left the old church building damaged.

“It was not about simply putting up four walls, but just like all of those neighbors came out and were loving on each other during the tornado. Man, that’s what the church is,” said Caleb Rawls, pastor of the church.

What Rawls is describing is the coming together of the Matthews community in Jones County as they prepare for a new church building.

On Easter Sunday, members helped carve a cross in the ground for the groundbreaking of the new church, almost a year after the old building was damaged.

“We just had a desire for this community to have an opportunity to come and encounter Jesus, and so that’s what this is all about,” Rawls said. “And so, we hope that Pleasant Home can continue to just have a presence.”

The Easter storms in 2020 damaged the church, and instead of repairing the old building, they decided to build a new one.

“The church has been saving for decades to build a new church building, and when the tornado came through, the whole was just distraught but also saw an opportunity from the generosity of decades worth of people giving in this community for a new church,” Rawls said.

The construction of the new building will be at the church’s softball field, which is a short distance from the old church building.

Rawls said construction should be starting any day now.

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