Bay Springs man rescues cousin from burning shed

Bay Springs man rescues cousin from burning shed

BAY SPRINGS Miss. (WDAM) - One man was airlifted out of Bay Springs Tuesday afternoon after being injured in a fire, but the quick action of his cousin may have saved his life.

According to the Bay Springs Police Department, a small backyard shed caught fire.

Russell Keyes sustained third-degree burns on his lower extremities from the fire.

“He was on the ground. His legs, his arm, he was really messed up,” said Margret Ducksworth, a family member who witnessed the fire.

Usually, around that time, her grandchildren would be walking home.

“I had panicked because at first, I thought it was my kids,” Margaret said. “Then I found out it was him, he was laying on the ground burning.”

Her son, Tony Duckworth, ran outside to figure out what was going on. He was shocked to see Keyes on the ground burning, but he acted quickly.

“This is his last time, this may be his last breath, I’m thinking I can’t see a man go down like that,” Tony said.

Tony says he ran inside, grabbed a bucket of water and threw it at the flames. He then pulled his cousin away from the shed.

According to Tony, Keyes managed to say one more thing to his cousin before being taken to the hospital.

“He said something, he said, ‘Tony, I’m hot.’ And the officer said let us take him up to the front, and I knew he was gone be alright. He’ll make it.”

The Bay Springs Police Department says the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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