Covington Hospital suspends J&J vaccines, continues Moderna shots

Covington Hospital suspends J&J vaccines, continues Moderna shots

COLLINS, Miss. (WDAM) - Covington County Hospital has discontinued administering the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine based on recommendations from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

This comes after the country’s top medical advisors urged a pause in using the single-dose shot on Tuesday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration are investigating six rare but potentially dangerous blood clots that developed in patients after getting the vaccine.

“We did have the J&J previously, and were administering that to people who wanted it,” said Clancy Sanford, marketing director for Covington County Hospital. “Obviously, we have put a stop to that for now while they figure out how we need to proceed. That being said, we do have [the Moderna vaccine] available, so we are not stopping our vaccination process. You can still come, get a Moderna vaccine and we’ll take care of you with that.”

Most of the hospital’s Moderna shots are being administered at its Covington Place drive-thru clinic on S. Fir Avenue.

Patients can now use this facility without an appointment.

“We’ve recently changed it to where you do not have to have an appointment to come through and get your vaccine, so that has helped a lot of people be able to come through when they are available,” Sanford said.

Sanford said 8,091 vaccines have been administered by Covington County Hospital in the last four months, 502 of which were made by Johnson & Johnson.

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