Petal pharmacy offering Johnson & Johnson vaccine, ‘COVID Packs’

Petal pharmacy offering Johnson & Johnson vaccine, ‘COVID Packs’

PETAL, Miss. (WDAM) - Park Place Pharmacy, a family-owned and operated pharmacy in Petal, is now offering Johnson and Johnson vaccines, as well as “COVID Packs” to all Mississippians ages 18 and up.

The pharmacy recently received doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and appointments are now available on its Facebook page.

In addition to the vaccine, the pharmacy has made COVID Packs, containing immune system boosting vitamins and nutrients to help prevent and treat the virus.

The prevention pack is meant for someone who may have been exposed and is looking for a way to boost their immune system. This pack is being sold for $15 dollars and includes vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc.

The treatment pack is meant for those with symptoms or someone who has tested positive for the virus. In addition to the items in the other pack, the treatment option also contains melatonin and nattokinase.

“Most of these things are things we need in our diet anyway,” said pharmacy owner Brent Lindley. “Things that help fight the flu, they help fight the common cold. They are immune-boosting or have some type of antiviral activity.”

It is to be stressed that these packs are not a replacement for the vaccine, but a way to help boost the immune system.

Park Place Pharmacy is located at 46 Parkway Lane in Petal, right off of the Evelyn Gandy Parkway.

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