Purvis family celebrates adoption of four children after years of delay

Family adopts four children after years of delay

PURVIS, Miss. (WDAM) - A Lamar County family is rejoicing after completing an adoption process that’s taken years to overcome.

The entire process took more than two and a half years, with COVID-19 playing a role in the delay.

The Lee family is overjoyed after finally receiving the acceptance letters for the adoption of Matthew, Serrie, Jericho and Jerica.

“You have to sometimes take yourself out of the way and think about the children,” says Sedgerick Lee, the father of the adopted children.

Sedgerick Lee explains why the process took so long.

“It was because of some logistics that had to be done before the adoption could be finalized,” he said.

The now oldest sibling of the family, Denise Poole, shares her excitement about finally being a big sister.

“I was an only child for a very long time,” Denise said. “The only thing I wanted was what we have now. So, I’m just very thankful to the Lord for this process, for this experience "

Denise says if you are thinking about adoption, don’t hesitate. Many children are in need of a family.

“If your family is going through a process similar to this, put it all in,” Denise said. “Put it all in. Focus on the children, as he said, that’s what it’s about. It’s about building a family.”

Following the adoption, the first thing the family was going to do with the children was go to church and pray.

This is the first quadruple adoption in Lamar County for the year of 2021.

The adoption took place at the Lamar County Courthouse in Purvis.

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