Pink Up: Doctor encourages women to get annual mammogram

Pink Up: Doctor encourages women to get annual mammogram

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - According to medical experts, safety measures put in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic prevented many people from getting routine medical procedures in 2020. That includes mammograms.

“Especially in March, April and May of last year, we saw a good bit of putting off medical procedures. Now, I feel like people are getting back into getting their routine screening, but I see some people hesitant to come in for sure,” said Dr. Jennifer Baily, with Hattiesburg Clinic.

However, Bailey said women shouldn’t be scared to get their annual mammograms.

“For a safe environment, we are trying to socially distance our patients, practice good hand washing techniques. We are requiring masking and having the clinic staff mask as well. So, we’re creating as safe of an environment as possible for our patients,” said Bailey.

Bailey said mammograms are the most efficient way to detect breast cancer.

“A mammogram is basically the best that we have right now for detecting breast cancer. Although the mammogram can’t prevent breast cancer, it can help detect breast cancer, and the earlier we can detect breast cancer, the quicker that breast cancer treatment can begin,” said Bailey.

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