Woman launches business after surviving attack

Woman launches business after surviving attack

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Ashton Tisdale was working in her beauty shop four years ago when two gunmen entered the building and opened fire on her.

It was an act associated with the domestic violence that she’d been subject to while in her previous relationship. Tisdale says that she was in a very low place during that time.

“I never thought that I would be involved with a man who hit me,” Tisdale said.

The violent gun attack had the most impact on her left leg, leaving her without the ability to walk for one whole year.

“The first gunshot grazed my face,” Tisdale said. “The second bullet went through my left leg, it tore my thigh, it went through my femur and fractured my leg. So I now have a rod in my left leg.”

She was forced to close her beauty shop in Jackson and move back home to Hattiesburg so her parents could care for her. During that time, she struggled with her mental health. But she found her peace in journaling.

“I just started talking to God more and writing down all of my thoughts and ideas,” Tisdale said.

She has since become an advocate for women in domestic violence situations by hosting brunches to address the subject, even speaking at Southern Miss for a women’s empowerment event.

“I always try to stress to women, to be independent, make your own money, so whoever your abuser is can’t have that leverage over you,” Tisdale said.

Her community outreach didn’t stop there. In November, she selected and gave them free makeovers.

“You never know what a woman is going through,” Tisdale said. “When that situation happened to me, I was in the hospital and all of these women whose make-up I had done started sending me pictures of black-eyes, bruises and stuff like that, and I was covering all this stuff up and didn’t even know they were battling with that.”

This year, she achieved her dream and launched her own makeup line called Fancy Beauty Boutique.

The brand has an array of products ranging from an eyeshadow palette, brushes, lip glosses and lashes.

Tisdale said this is only the beginning.

“I am so excited for where my brand is going to go, because I believe in my product, I believe in my brand and I know the sky is the limit,” Tisdale said.

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