William Carey nursing students on front line of pandemic

William Carey nursing students on front line of pandemic

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Nursing students at William Carey University continue to go the extra mile.

Several are at vaccination sites in the community to help fight COVID-19. The College of Health Sciences partnered with Hattiesburg Clinic to give nursing students the opportunity to fight on the front line of the pandemic.

“It’s just very important to vaccinate yourself and stop the spread of COVID,” said Tyler Lewis, a senior-level nursing student at William Carey.

Rebecca Palmer, also a senior-level nursing student, explained how students are helping at the vaccination sites.

“We went to the site they were giving vaccinations to people 75 years and older,” Palmer said. “So, we were able to help the older population even with things like filling out the paperwork answering questions they had, and then administering the vaccines.”

Lewis said this opportunity is important for nurses because it gives them the real-world training they need for the future.

“You never know what could happen, like with COVID for a prime example,” Lewis said. “So, being able to adapt in new situations and being able to step up and be a part of a fight to stop like the spread and things like that.”

Lewis and Palmer are part of the graduating class this upcoming August, but it wasn’t so easy getting to this point in their studies due to the pandemic.

Emily Scott, associate dean of the undergraduate nursing school, shed light on what they had to go through during the school year.

“They’ve had to endure a lot of classes totally online, children at home,” Scott said. “Trying to work around work schedules. It’s been a real challenging time and an exciting time for them as they learned emergency nursing and also disaster preparedness.”

Students from the School of Pharmacy and William Carey University’s Tradition campus nursing program partnered up with Memorial Hospital in Gulfport and Singing River Hospital in Ocean Springs to also help with COVID-19 vaccination sites.

The College of Health Sciences is holding its graduation virtually Saturday at 11 a.m. on Facebook and the William Carey University website.

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