Sec. of State Watson speaks to Jones County GOP Women

Sec. of State Watson speaks to Jones County GOP Women

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - Secretary of State Michael Watson spoke to Jones County Republican Women Wednesday about a number of election-related issues in Mississippi.

Watson addressed a monthly luncheon for the organization at the Laurel Country Club.

He said there needs to be a better way to purge voter rolls in the state and he favors a bill passed in the State Senate Wednesday, which would make that process quicker.

He also said Mississippians should be required to show proof of citizenship before they vote.

“We want to make sure that only United States citizens are voting in Mississippi elections, who are residents in Mississippi,” Watson said. “So this is a thing that we’ve studied for years now. You’ve heard me talk about it on the campaign trail, so it’s not only a promise that we made, but it’s one that we’re keeping. We’re working on actively.”

Watson said he also supports online voter registration in Mississippi.

“Typically, you see Republicans and conservatives shy away from it, that’s not something that we like and we don’t address it,” Watson said. “So, I think it’s incumbent upon us to have these hard conversations of, ‘is this good for Mississippi or is it not.’ so if you look at it, take it apart on the facts of it, I would say yes, it is good for Mississippi.”

Watson served three terms as a state senator before becoming Mississippi’s 36th secretary of state.

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