Restaurant kicks off fundraiser for American Heart Association

Restaurant kicks off fundraiser for American Heart Association

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Mugshots Grill & Bar is raising money for the American Heart Association.

Throughout February, Mugshots is selling “hearts” for $1 in all of its 20 locations. The hearts are put on the wall inside the restaurant and display the donor’s name.

This is not an ordinary fundraiser. It’s one that is very personal to Mugshots founder and owner Ron Savell.

“I was adopted,” Savell said. “When we had our first child, [we] went to the pediatrician and they started asking ‘Do you have health history of this, that or the other.’ I couldn’t answer those questions. And when I went and did that stress test, it came out great.”

But then, the bad news hit.

“There was one little spot the doc just wasn’t concerned about, but he knew why I was doing that testing so he and I agreed we wanted to order a heart cath and upon pulling the heart cath, we found that I needed a quadruple bypass within that week,” Savell said.

After a successful surgery, Savell decided to give back to the American Heart Association.

“Letting the guests help us raise this money and donating it, what I went through definitely had, is the reason we’re doing it for the American Heart Association,” Savell said.

He said people often put their own health on the back burner.

“We take care of our cars better than we take care of ourselves,” Savell said. “You know, we get oil changes and tire rotations and if it’s smoking, we get it looked at.”

Now, he has this message.

“If you don’t have the [health] answers that I was looking for, family history-wise, go out there and find it,” Savell said. “You’ve only got one shot at this thing and mine could have come to an end if I wouldn’t have just been curious and wanting to figure it out for my children, so go get yourself checked. It saved me, so hopefully it’ll save someone else.”

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