Senate bill could allow alcohol delivery to your front door

Senate bill could allow alcohol delivery to your front door

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - A bill in the Mississippi Senate could allow alcoholic beverages to be delivered to your front door.

Senate Bill 2804 would create a delivery service permit to allow for the delivery of alcoholic beverages, beer, light wine, or light spirit products from a licensed retailer to your home.

Under the bill, stores that sell alcohol could contract with delivery service permit holders to deliver alcohol to their customers. Retailers could also deliver the alcohol themselves if they receive the delivery permit.

Hub City Beers owner Alexander Ignatiev believes this bill will help beer stores that want to take part in the delivery option.

“Beer sales have been very solid during the pandemic, at least here in Mississippi,” Ignatiev said. “I think that anything that increases the market spread, the integration of the product into the market is going to help grow business.”

Ignatiev explains how much it costs for a delivery permit.

“There’s a $500 permit fee annually,” Ignatiev said. “There’s also the cost of operating the delivery business, which would include special training for my driver and probably extra insurance costs.”

Ignatiev is unsure about applying for the delivery permit for his business, but he is open to working with a delivery service.

“I don’t anticipate that I’ll be starting a delivery service, but if one of the delivery services becomes available here in town, we’ll probably make that an option for our customers,” Ignatiev said.

Delivery will only be available to those ages 21 and older in parts of Mississippi where alcohol sales are legal.

Delivery drivers will also have to be 21 years old to deliver alcohol.

Senate Bill 2804 passed the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday.

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