Mississippi Music pays employees for time donating plasma

Mississippi Music pays employees for time donating plasma

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Mississippi Music in Hattiesburg is challenging its employees to help save a life – on company time. President and CEO Rosi Johnson says the pandemic is personal – and when her employee Rhonda Beleck came to her with an idea about how to help, they made a plan.

“I’ve had some close friends and relatives that have been tested positive for COVID and actually have been in the hospital,” Johnson said. “And to know that this could help them or anybody else – but it really hit home because this just happened recently, and when she came to me with the idea to do this, I thought it was a great idea.”

Beleck, payroll and benefits director at Mississippi Music, came up with the idea of offering an incentive for employees to donate plasma.

“Rhonda came to me and said she had an idea and she wanted to challenge Mississippi Music to challenge our employees – anyone who had COVID to give blood,” Johnson said.

“I had a loved one that that saved their life, and I thought that if we could encourage employees to do it, it may save someone’s life we know or even our own,” Beleck said.

Employees who have had the virus can donate plasma and put their donation time on the clock.

“It will take anywhere from an hour and a half to three and a half hours for the process and that’s it,” Beleck said. “So we’re going to pay them up to four hours. If it takes them up to four hours, we’ll pay them for the four hours they donated.”

Employees just have to show proof of their donation time and the hours will be added to their paycheck. This is their way of giving back during the pandemic and Beleck hopes other companies might be inspired to do the same.

“I would challenge other companies to offer it to their employees because you don’t know, it could save your life – your employee may end up saving your life if you get it,” Beleck said.

You can find places to donate blood and plasma with Vitalant Blood Donation and The American Red Cross.

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