Hattiesburg home spreads cheer with Christmas village display

Hattiesburg home spreads cheer with Christmas village display

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - If you drive down South 40th Avenue in Hattiesburg, you’ve probably noticed the Christmas village at Jamestown Road.

Carolyn Hood says she’s always liked to decorate for Christmas and was particularly inspired a few years ago.

“I saw a wooden reindeer in Georgia and it was made out of logs,” Hood said. “And I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cute to have a sleigh and reindeer?’ And people loved it and I was amazed at the comments so I thought, ‘Let’s expand it!’”

And since then, the Christmas display has grown. Hood says lots of friends and employees always help.

“I will say, I casually said one day to them, ‘I would really love to do a village, and I really want to do it this Christmas,’” Hood said.

She remembers the decorations came together in about six weeks.

“I can’t even tell you how many people have just participated and helped, the local artists painted the pictures that we had,” Hood said.

Hood says the names of the businesses in the village are names of friends and employees and she hopes everyone who sees the village feels some Christmas magic.

“I hope when they look at it they just are overwhelmed with Christmas joy and are able to forget about the other things that our country is going through at this time,” Hood said.

“We needed some cheer, and we needed something to brighten us,” Hood added. “And my husband and I both have done a lot of isolating, and so I had more time than I’ve ever had to really do it.”

She says she already has a few new ideas in the works for next year’s Christmas display. The house even made it on to the City of Hattiesburg’s map of festive lights and displays across town.

Hattiesburg's map of Christmas lights and displays.
Hattiesburg's map of Christmas lights and displays. (Source: WDAM)

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