JCSD conducts emergency driving recertification

JCSD conducts emergency driving recertification

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is conducting its annual emergency driving recertification on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Magnolia Center in Laurel.

It’s part of its continuing education requirement, which ensures that members of the department are up to date on their driving skills.

A series of red cones were placed along the course where each officer had to maneuver their patrol car between them at a safe speed.

Sheriff Joe Berlin said getting recertified for emergency driving is one of their annual requirements along with taser and pepper spray recertification.

“We’re required every year to do emergency driving to keep us up to date on these new vehicles that we’re driving and even the older ones,” Berlin said. “Each vehicle has its own feel and each person that is assigned a vehicle at the sheriff’s department has to use their vehicle in this driving course and how much room they have to move.”

“It’s a slow methodical course and it covers everything that you cover to be trained in emergency driving,” Berlin added.

More than 50 personnel from the Jones County Sheriff’s Department will go through the course to be recertified.

Studies have shown that intense driver trained officers are less likely than other drivers to be involved in a vehicle crash despite long hours behind the wheel.

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