Gov. Reeves visits Lucedale to assess Hurricane Zeta damage

Gov. Reeves visits Lucedale to assess Hurricane Zeta damage

GEORGE COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - A spaced-out crowd anxiously listened to Gov. Tate Reeves explain the severity of the damage that Hurricane Zeta left behind in South Mississippi.

“Hurricane Zeta did a significant amount of damage. In fact, I believe when all the damage assessments are done, what we’re going to find is it is the most damaging storm in Mississippi since Hurricane Katrina,” Reeves said. “It looks like it’s going to do over $100 million in real property damage.”

To help supply financial assistance to people affected by Hurricane Zeta, Reeves submitted a major disaster declaration request to the White House just before Thanksgiving, asking for public and individual assistance. The declaration will supply funding through federal disaster grants that would reimburse Mississippi 75% of the estimated $100 million in damage.

“It’s extremely important that the president signs our emergency declaration,” Reeves said. “This will be number 11 for us in 2020. The most Mississippi has ever had since 1972 is actually four in any one year.”

Alongside the governor on Monday was the Executive Director of Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Greg Michel. Michel said he is hopeful that the declaration will be approved around the beginning of 2021.

“When we get the declaration approved, then the next thing is we’ll have disaster assistance centers established in the counties to help the individual homeowners, and also the counties and municipalities, work through that process,” said Michel.

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