Plan in place for Mississippi’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Plans for vaccine distribution

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -There are still a lot of unknowns about the numbers and the exact timeline based on how many companies get their vaccines approved. But it is increasingly more likely that the state will soon receive its first doses.

“And so even if we get the first round of vaccines in the middle of December, that doesn’t mean that we can all go back to normal before Christmas,” explained Governor Tate Reeves.

If you’ve wondered about how they’ll distribute those, we do have those answers.

“It will be tiered out primarily to healthcare folks and first responders as the first allocation and then as it goes through then to the high-risk folks, especially like long-term care/nursing home that sort of thing,” explained Dr. Thomas Dobbs. “And then once it reaches the general population that’s going to be the real issue. It looks like the vaccine will be provided free of charge.”

The Mississippi State Department of Health has posted this vaccination plan to its website. It could still be amended but it seems the basics of distribution will remain the same with this priority system.

“We’re going to need for people to be patient so that when it’s the right time for them to get the vaccine, they can get it,” added Dobbs. “It’s going to be a pretty orderly thanking of the vaccine distribution based on people who are likely to be exposed, preserving healthcare and protecting the vulnerable.”

As they’re asking for that patience, Dr. Dobbs says they’ll also be working with community and faith leaders on getting out information about how vaccines work.

“We have that responsibility, I feel, to try to get information out so that people will do what’s best for everyone,” described Pastor Stephen Mason at Greater Pearlie Grove M.B. Church. “Doesn’t have anything to do with denomination, whether you’re a Christian or Muslim, this is a human situation.”

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