Lumberton welcomes Simmons to “The Pit” for South State

Lumberton welcomes Simmons to "The Pit" for South State

LUMBERTON, Miss. (WDAM) - Lumberton High School’s grown accustomed to practicing on Thanksgiving Day.

The Panthers prepare for their fourth South State game in the last six years on Friday. Simmons (4-0) comes to “The Pit” having played just four games this season.

Lumberton (10-1) has played ten games, and hasn’t lost since its season-opening shutout defeat at the hands of Bay Springs.

“After that first loss we were all mad,” said Lumberton senior wide receiver Jeff Townsend. “Everybody arguing but then we came back out here, [coaches] chewed us out, you know how that goes. And we figured out we’re either gonna get yelled out every week or we’re going to come out here we’re going to play together.”

“The kids have worked really hard,” said Lumberton head coach Zach Jones. “These guys have won a lot of ball games, been in a lot of big ball games. I think it says a lot about having that experience. We’re here today, we’re ready to go to work. We’re not in shock, we’re not in awe, it’s just a typical Monday practice for us. We’re not just happy to be here, we want to work to get better and try to play the best we’ve played all year Friday night.”

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