Jones County Sheriff’s Department unveils new deputy vehicles

Jones County Sheriff’s Department unveils new deputy vehicles

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is moving away from its traditional brown color scheme and unveiling a new look for deputy cars.

“We’ve bought 20 Durangos, four Dodge Chargers and two trucks,” Sheriff Joe Berlin said.

In addition to a new fleet of vehicles, the sheriff’s department also has a new look.

“It’s a dark silver metallic and the striping I designed myself,” Berlin said.

Berlin says it was time to replace the old vehicles.

“The reason we had to get new vehicles is because the ones we were running, the little brown Fords, the mileage on them were so high we were spending so much in maintenance trying to keep these cars on the road and it was just not beneficial for us,” Berlin said.

He says the old dash cameras are being transferred into the new SUVs.

“As long as my dash cameras are working right now, we’re going to utilize them,” Berlin said. “When they start going out, we’ll start phasing them out.”

Berlin says new body cameras will integrate with the in-car video system.

“The body cameras that we purchased coincide with the WatchGuard camera system and that way when they pull up to the sheriff’s department to do reports or whatever, the camera system will automatically upload into the system and then administration can go and look at the video the next day if there’s a problem,” Berlin said.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is donating three older vehicles to the Soso Police Department, Sandersville police and Jones College. Berlin says the rest of the cars will be auctioned off.

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