Gov. Reeves adds mask mandate to 7 more counties, bringing list to 22

Gov. Reeves adds mask mandate to 7 more counties, bringing list to 22
(Source: Hawaii News Now)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves discussed the latest on COVID-19 and the economy in a Facebook Live on Monday afternoon.

He began the presser by thanking Mississippians for their prayers as his youngest daughter is battling the coronavirus. Reeves and his family are now in self-isolation.

Reeves said that COVID-19 numbers are up in the state and that it is getting worse. He said last week was the worst the state had seen since the later part of July.

Because of this spike, the governor has added seven additional counties to his mask mandate. Those counties include: Hinds, Madison, Pontotoc, Tate, Winston, Ittawamba and Montgomery.

The other fifteen counties on that list can be found here.

“I just want to be clear with everybody across the state today,” Reeves said. “Just because you are or are not in these twenty-two counties does not change what is in the best interest for you or your family.”

“Please wear a mask,” he pleaded, adding that it helps you as well as your friends and family.

Reeves said two vaccines are on their way, both being over 90 percent effective. He stated that he thinks politics should not be “played right now” and that the voting is now over.

“We need to focus not on whether we are a Republican or a Democrat," he said. "We need to focus on how do we take effective measures and help get us, as a nation, help get us as a state beyond 2020 and beyond the coronavirus.”

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