Jones County mask order extended until 2021

Jones County mask order extended until 2021

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Jones County Board of Supervisors has extended its mask order until 2021.

“Our doctors and our hospital here is in support of us continuing to wear the mask,” said Johnny Burnett, president of the Jones County Board of Supervisors.

The mandate requires everyone who comes into a county building to wear a mask.

“That encompasses a lot of services, so that includes all of our courts, our sheriff’s department, circuit clerk, chancery clerk, justice court, that’s a lot of buildings in the county,” said Danielle Ashley, board attorney and chief administrative officer.

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, Jones County has had 3,263 cases and 86 deaths. The board of supervisors hopes the extension of the mask order will continue to help, especially through the holiday season.

“It’s going to be important that people don’t forget that you have to social distance and you have to wear a mask to minimize your risk,” Ashley said. “Not that it will completely prevent you from getting COVID-19, but at least you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself and protect your friends and family.”

The latest snapshot by MSDH shows most cases in Jones County come from community transmission. Currently, the county has a test positivity rate of 4.2%.

“We just ask everybody to step forward and try to help conquer this COVID-19,” Burnett said. “Maybe the vaccination will be in soon and it will help continue to eliminate it to where we can be back to our normal.”

All Jones County community centers will also remain closed for the rest of the year.

“The ultimate thing is to wear your mask, be safe, and we pray that the good Lord will direct and guide all of us,” Burnett said.

The board of supervisors will revisit the mask order on Jan. 4.

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