Jasper County Board accepts bid for new Stringer Fire Dept.

Jasper County Board accepts bid for new Stringer Fire Dept.

JASPER COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Jasper County Board of Supervisors accepted a bid Monday to replace an aging Stringer Fire Department building with a new one.

The board hopes this will lead to a contract to start work on that new facility.

District 4 Supervisor Randy Corley believes the department needs a new building to best serve the community saying.

“The existing fire station there is old and kind of outdated, and they put in for a grant for a new building and it was approved, and so we were taking and accepting bids today on building a new fire station,” Corley said.

Stringer Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mike Gambrell agrees that the building needs to be replaced.

"It enables us to provide protection to the community, and as the community grows, so does the protection needs to grow with it,” Gambrell said.

The new fire station building will go up on land owned by the station next to the current structure.

The board accepted a bid of $568,000 from Larry J. Sumrall Contractors.

Corley said the board will now work on a contract to determine how grant money and county funding will go into the project.

“They provide so much for the community, and we would like to give them a nice building there to use all their resources,” Corley said of the volunteer firefighters.

Gambrell is looking forward to seeing the project come to life, saying it means a lot to the volunteers and those they help.

“It’s volunteer, and for everybody to put in all the time they do for that, it means a lot, it really does,” Gambrell said.

The Board of Supervisors and contractors are now working on a contract to move forward with the project.

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