Southern Miss students react to vote on new state flag

Updated: Nov. 4, 2020 at 9:02 PM CST
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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Some University of Southern Mississippi students are reacting to Tuesday’s vote to adopt a new state flag for Mississippi.

The “In God We Trust” passed with 72% the vote, It will replace the former state flag that was adopted in 1894, which included a Confederate battle emblem in its design.

“I am excited for the new change to be embraced and to just bring in a new energy into the state,” said Sariah Bonds, a senior from New Orleans.

“I think there’s a lot of new designs on the flag that are good for the historical benefit of Mississippi and it’s a good look for the future,” said Phoebe Willis, a senior from Gulfport.

“It still does say, ‘In God we Trust,’ so that does still single out some citizens who do not believe in God, but it’s still great that we can get a new flag,” said Romania Harry, a junior from Hattiesburg.

“I just think that everyone is ready to embrace change,” said freshman student Kiara Collier. “You still have a few that support the older flag of course, but I think everyone is ready for something new.”

The new flag will still have to be voted on by the state legislature in January.

University President Rodney D. Bennett also made a statement about how he feels about the vote, stating that it will help the state grow and develop on different levels.

“The vote to adopt a new state flag marks a historic moment, one that positions Mississippi for advancing our state’s growth and development at national and international levels,” Bennett said.

Bennett announced in his statement that once the new flag is formally adopted as the state flag by the Legislature, USM will raise the flag along with rising the university’s flag once again at all USM campuses.

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