Initiative 65 passes, allowing medical marijuana in Miss.

Initiative 65 passes, allowing medical marijuana in Miss.

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - Mississippi joined a majority of the states in the country by legalizing the use of marijuana by those dealing with debilitating conditions.

The Associated Press called the race with 68% of voters approving of either medical marijuana measure on the ballot and 74% voting for Initiative 65, which was placed on the ballot after a petition received the required number of signatures.

The vote will clear the way for the final rules and regulations overseeing the use of medical marijuana to be finalized by July 2021.

The Mississippi State Department of Health, which would govern the growth, processing and availability of the marijuana, would begin issuing identification cards and licenses to medical marijuana treatment centers in August 2021.

Initiative 65 lists 22 debilitating conditions that would qualify a patient to be issued a medical marijuana card.

The medical marijuana portion of the ballot featured two selections for voters to make.

The first asked voters if they were for either medical marijuana initiative or against both. Next, voters had to choose between Initiative 65 and Alternative Measure 65A, which was placed on the ballot by the legislature after Initiative 65 qualified for the ballot.

Thirty-three other states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, and another 13 allow some level of cannabis oil use for medical purposes.

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