Dixie Electric’s high-speed internet pilot project underway

Dixie Electric’s high-speed internet pilot project underway

RUNNELSTOWN, Miss. (WDAM) - Soon families in rural parts of Jones and Perry counties will have access to high-speed internet as Dixie Electric puts boots to the ground on its fiber-optic pilot project.

On Highway 42 just east of Runnelstown, Dixie Electric contractors are working to get fiber-optic cables installed.

Dixie Electric system engineer Jeremy McAndrew breaks down the process of each line.

“They are putting it on our existing poles and installing these reels with cable, and then they will splice the cables together," McAndrew said. “What they are doing is fusing that glass with fiber optic together, so that there’s continuous glass from the elementary school to our substation and that’s kind of how it will progress throughout the rest of the project.”

The pilot project will be in two phases.

“Phases one is actually from the Runnelstown Elementary School all the way through to the community of Ovett," McAndrew said. "And then phase two will continue from Ovett on west and out down Highway 29 back to the Runnelstown community and south of the Runnelstown community.”

The project will take weeks to months to finish on Highway 42.

Dixie Electric asks that drivers be safe while traveling the highway.

“We’d like to remind the people passing along on 42 of safety. You know, be mindful of the workers, be mindful of the cones that are out here and all the signs and then they are directing traffic,” McAndrew said. “So just be careful out there for your sake and for others and, for the contractors.”

The pilot project was funded through CARES Act money and it consists of 206 miles of fiber-optic cable.

If you would like to pre-register for the internet you can visit defastlink.net.

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