Warm week ahead with rain chances Thursday and Friday

Warm week ahead with rain chances Thursday and Friday

Only a few passing clouds this evening as temperatures ease back into the 70s after peak heating this afternoon. Temperatures will fall back into the 60s overnight.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be warm and humid with highs in the mid 80s. No real threat for rain as a sub-tropical ridge of high pressure noses into the area.

Thursday, it looks like a cold front is set to approach through the area. This will pass through during the day and into the evening on Friday. This will bump of the chance for rain later this week. Thursday will feature a 20% chance for rain, Friday is looking like a 40% chance for rain. Highs will be around 80 to 85.

Saturday, things will start to clear out and be a bit cooler and drier. Highs will still be around 80 with lower humidity.

Then as we head into next week another front arrives and that should cool us back into the 70s.

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