Marion Co. family speaks out after water bill hits $800

Marion Co. family speaks out after water bill hits $800

COLUMBIA, Miss. (WDAM) - A Marion County family was shocked to find their most recent water bill had climbed to hundreds of dollars more than it had been in previous months.

After receiving a water bill for $800, Jeremy and Leslie Vines reached out to WDAM. They say their water bill has been above $100 dollars since 2012, but never this high.

Jeremy said he noticed an issue when they witnessed their water meter moving, even without them running water in their home.

“We were out here in the yard cleaning up and different things and one of my boys turned on that valve, and we noticed that the water meter was charging us for water when this valve would lose pressure," Jeremy said. "And that even at times there would be cars passing by on the road, that the water meter would turn, just on its on, and there would be no one in the house. No water on anywhere, but my water meter is turning.”

Jeremy says after noticing the amount of water his family is being charged for, he contacted the Hub Water Association looking for answers.

“It’s charging me for water, we’re talking about 20, 30 and 40 thousand gallons a month, and there’s no way we are using that much a month, and there’s no way we are using that much water," Jeremy said. "They came out and they talked with us. They’ve even replaced the meter, and it’s still doing the exact same thing. When the water drops in this mainline, it turns my meter. When my neighbor flushes her toilet, it turns my meter.”

After hearing these claims, WDAM reached out to the Hub Water Association.

That’s when workers were sent to assess the Vines' property and a water leak under the home was discovered.

The association says it believes that leak is what caused the family’s bill to spike, and it will continue looking into the water meter issue.

We’re also told a water meter representative is being contacted to further investigate the problem.

WDAM will continue to follow up on the matter in the days to come.

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