Lamar Co. School District continues investigation into racist comment at school event

Lamar Co. School District continues investigation into racist comment at school event

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The Lamar County School District is still investigating to determine who yelled out a racist comment during a senior activity at Oak Grove High School back in August.

The comment was caught on video from the event and led to a protest by students demanding the person responsible be punished.

“We’re still in an active investigation with our process," said Superintendent Steven Hampton. "We’re getting video that we obtained from a parent at the event, getting the audio enhanced and video enhanced, trying to isolate the student.”

Hampton says the district is also trying to work with the student body to see if they might know anything.

“We have an anonymous tip text line that students can text in, parents can text in, and give us any information regarding the situation," Hampton said. "We’ve also put up suggestion boxes, that are locked, around the high school. Students can drop in anonymous notes to give us any information pertaining to this.”

April Myers with the Student Lives Matter organization took part in the walk-out Oak Grove students held in protest of this incident. Myers, who has children in the school district, says it’s important for the students to have someone on their side.

“As long as they keep giving us updated information that we can give to students, I’m OK with that," Myers said. "The students that walked out at the beginning of the school year, they were disciplined. So, a lot of the students are waiting, trying to see who said this racial slur and what’s going to be done about it.”

Myers says after speaking with school board members and Hampton, she feels they are doing their best.

“He is trying to do something to make some change," Myers said. "I just want to be updated on what’s going on so that we can let the kids know so they won’t feel like it was pointless. That what they’ve done is in vain, because it wasn’t in vain. It started a movement. It started a conversation. Conversations help bring change.”

Hampton says at this time, the district has not received any information from the student body about this situation and is waiting for the enhanced video to come back.

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