Jasper County supervisors approve bid for new ambulance provider

Jasper County supervisors approve bid for new ambulance provider

JASPER COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Jasper County Board of Supervisors accepted a bid for new ambulance services during Monday’s meeting.

Board members say the lower price and state-of-the-art service are an improvement for the service to the county.

“The end of the contract was coming up with the ambulance service we have right now, and we advertised about a month ago for new services," District 5 Supervisor Curtis Gray Sr. said. "We received a bid and we accepted a low bid today, and they’ll be ready to go to work Dec. 1 of this year.”

Board members say they can’t remember the last time the county put brand new ambulances in the field, but that’s exactly what will happen when the county updates its ambulance service contract with CareMed.

CareMed chief operating officer Stan Alford explains the contract provides two brand new 24-hour ambulances and EMS teams stationed in the county.

“They’ll be brand new ambulances shipped directly here," Alford said. "They’ll be staffed with paramedic level employees who will have the ability to do invasive treatments such as cardiac monitors and intubation and all kind of different drug therapies to help alleviate pain and illness and injury on the way to the hospital.”

Gray told the board accepting the bid is a “no-brainer” since it will save the county and taxpayers money and secure newer equipment.

“Right now, the service we have now runs about $163,000 a year," Gray said. "The new service will be about $125,000, so it’s going to save the county anywhere between $33,000 to $35,000 a year.”

CareMed is an ambulance service provider based out of Oxford.

“Our philosophy is that we would rather spend money in new and updated equipment that you don’t have out of service for maintenance or mechanical issues, and you lose those products during that time or the equipment during that time," Alford said.

Alford says that’s why the company will bring two brand new vehicles to its Jasper County contract.

“So we invest money in newer technologies and newer ambulances, so that they’re more reliable and dependable and when you go to get in them, everything works,” Alford said.

Gray says having up-to-date and efficient medical EMS equipment is a huge benefit for the county.

“It’s really important because you know the whereabouts, you got all the roads located, you got GPS built-in, you got radio system, it should be better service for the county,” Gray said.

The ambulances will be stationed at Bay Springs and Heidelberg fire departments.

Jasper County joins Marshall, Benton, Chickasaw, Newton and Lafayette counties by partnering with CareMed.

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