Jones County School District expects to receive Chromebooks soon

Jones County School District expects to receive Chromebooks soon

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - While a few school districts in the Pine Belt have received their Chromebooks, Jones County has yet to receive the devices purchased through the Equity in Distance Learning Act.

“We’re not really equipped to do the best job possible with the virtual at this time,” Tommy Parker, Jones County School District Superintendent said. “Hopefully as we move forward, we’ll be able to do that, but currently we just aren’t equipped to do that.”

Jones County students started their second nine weeks in a traditional setting. If they have to return to an A/B schedule, Parker says he hopes to have all technology delivered by then.

“About two-thirds of our Chromebooks have arrived at the staging area in Jackson and as soon as the remaining one-third arrives, they’ll put the barcode on those, identification numbers and all, and they’ll be preparing to ship,” Parker said.

In addition to Chromebooks, Parker says the school district is also waiting to receive devices for their elementary school students.

“The iPads are coming directly from the manufacture and they told us to expect those by Nov. 3,” Parker said.

In the meantime, Parker says they are putting a plan in place for when they receive the devices.

“They’ll be delivered to the school sites so they’re preparing places for each individual school to receive those, to inventory them, and label them, and then distribute them out to the students,” Parker said.

He hopes the district will have one-to-one technology and better connectivity by the end of the school year.

“We’re trying to purchase some devices that students could use if they don’t have internet access at their homes and to update our connectivity on our campuses, and also our switches and filters and things we’ll be using as we move into more and more virtual learning,” Parker said.

Jones County School District ordered more than 7,600 Chromebooks for students.

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