Sumrall High School students to distance learn for 14 days

Sumrall High School students to distance learn for 14 days

SUMRALL, Miss. (WDAM) - Sumrall High School students will spend the next 14 days learning from home.

“We knew this could be a possibility from the beginning of school," said Lamar County School District Superintendent Steven Hampton. "Every one of our outbreaks have been traced back to events and activities outside of the school.”

Hampton said because the school saw at least three outbreaks within one classroom, the district had to follow Mississippi State Department of Health regulations, which led to the closing of the school.

“At this time, our teachers are still trying to get the work and everything together," Hampton said. "For those ones that do have connections and devices at home, they can do their work on the devices. The ones who do not have connectivity or devices at home, we’re going to provide them with packets they can pick up from the school as soon as possible.”

Hampton said the district is trying to take all necessary measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re going through at this time, today and tomorrow, and doing deep cleaning throughout the whole building to make sure we wipe down every surfaces, we fog every surface and all surfaces," Hampton said.

The two-week closure also means extracurricular activities and sporting events are canceled until students return to the classroom.

Students will be able to return to school on Thursday, Oct. 29.

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