Missing Peace Ministries to help human trafficking victims

Missing Peace Ministries to help human trafficking victims

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - Missing Peace Ministries is a developing nonprofit in Laurel that aims to help victims of human trafficking get back on their feet.

“You can see, there’s lots of work to be done," said executive director Kim Guined. "I just kind of look at it like it will kind of be their lives we’ll be restoring back from the trauma they’ve faced.”

Guined says the idea came to them after an encounter with a local human trafficking victim.

“Her answer to me was that there was no one to help," Guined said. "I just feel very pulled, very called to do this. Since 2016, God has just given us conformational nuggets along the way that we were on the right track and that we were called to do this as a family.”

The goal is for the building to house around 12 people at a time for as long as needed.

“Those who have been trafficked will be sent to us," Guined said. "We will be transitional housing for them. We will have on-site faith-based, Christian counseling. We’ll just begin to minister to their identity in Christ. Teach them how to love, how to receive love, how to be loved by all of the things. Just kind of act like a bridge from that trauma to restoration.”

The ministry will also help get victims job readiness training for when they rejoin society.

“Everything from budgeting, finances, bible studies, all of the things," Guined said. "We want them completely equipped whenever they are transitioned back into life. That they will be successful and not resort back to what they have known in the past.”

Guined says they are hoping to raise around $270,000 to finish renovations on the 4,100 square foot spaced.

The goal is to open Missing Peace Ministries by August 2021.

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