Election day is less than three weeks away. Are you ready?

What to expect on your ballot

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Election day is less than three weeks away now. And we want to help you prepare for voting. Get ready for a lengthy ballot.

“It’s a lot on there that we have to consider but I’m going to have to do a little research to learn more about some of the things,” said Pyron Smith.

At the top of the ballot, the presidential race. Then, the U.S. Senate race. Democrat Mike Espy still pushing for a debate with Cindy Hyde-Smith.

“She’s sending signals that she does not want to earn their votes," said Espy Wednesday. "She’s sending signals that she’s prepared not to work hard.”

“There’s stark contrast differences between the two of us so really I don’t know what there is to debate but certainly willing to do it,” said Hyde-Smith Tuesday.

You’ll see state Supreme Court races and could also have some local seats up for grabs. Mississippi Votes has been getting a lot of calls lately.

“The biggest questions are about the ballot measures believe it or not," noted Mississippi Votes Executive Director Arekia Bennett. "Folks want to know...it says this thing on the sample ballot. What does that really mean? So, people really want more information about the ballot measures themselves.”

The first ballot measure is about whether you think medical marijuana should be made legal. But there’s also a legislative alternative with initiative 65 and 65a.

“I think are real important factors on this ballot that I think people really need to look at and study," noted Faye Hollingsworth.

The second is House Concurrent Resolution Number 47. In Mississippi if a statewide candidate doesn’t get a majority of the votes and a majority of the House districts, the House decides the race. A yes vote on this resolution would change it to...if a candidate gets 50 percent of the vote, they win. If not, there’s a runoff.

Finally, you’ll be asked if you want the proposed “In God We Trust” Flag to be adopted as our next state flag. If it does not get a majority of the votes, the process of selecting a new design starts over.

To use Mississippi Votes' Get Ballot Ready tool, click HERE, go to the Resources tab, then “Get Ballot Ready”, enter your address and search through the details of what will appear on your ballot.

The Secretary of State’s office has several election tools HERE.

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