House District 87 candidates speak ahead of election

House District 87 candidates speak ahead of election

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Mississippi House of Representatives District 87 covers most of Forrest and part of Lamar counties. Three candidates will be on the ballot to fill the seat Nov. 3.

The seat was vacated after William Andrews resigned back in March.

WDAM sat down with two of the three candidates who were both asked the same question: Why should people vote for you on Nov. 3?

Here are their responses:

Matthew Conoly: “Well, I think Mississippians are looking for a little more common sense from regular, down-to-earth, everyday people in who they have in their representative body in Jackson. I am a career public school teacher in the area, and I’ve used this classroom background to help put together a plan that really sets up a beneficial future for everyone. We want more oversight and transparency in the way our tax dollars are used in Jackson. We look at our public education system, and we want one that benefits our entire student body through things like increased access to vocational training for students who aren’t college bound, and lastly, Mississippians want a government that will help support local businesses to keep more of our tax dollars and revenue in the state as opposed to seeing it go out of state. Bottom line, the reason I’m getting into this election is I’m trying to put together things that will benefit all but favor none.”

Joseph Tubb: “The people of District 87 deserve a voice in Jackson. We need more business-minded people that believe in less taxes and less government. We need strong people that will take and be an adversary against the leftist views and keep our South Mississippi beliefs intact, and keep people, the Nancy Pelosi and the Chuck Schumers of our country that seem to be wanting to do it more harm than good, to keep their beliefs out of our state. I believe, my granddaddy was the state superintendent longer than anybody ever served, so I have a service heart, and I believe I got it from him, so I’d look forward to carry on the tradition. I look forward and I’d be humbled and honored for your vote on November the third.”

House District 87 candidate David Morgan declined WDAM’s request for an interview.

Morgan is currently facing two felony charges in Forrest County.

He was arrested by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and charged with cyberstalking on Aug. 31. MBI arrested Morgan again on Sept. 28 and charged him with tampering with a witness.

Morgan is currently out of jail on bond.

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