Pendorff community becomes part of Laurel Oct. 25

Pendorff community becomes part of Laurel Oct. 25

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - The Pendorff community will soon become part of the City of Laurel.

“The community of Pendorff becomes part of Laurel, Ms., on Oct. 25,” Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee said. “We started this in 2013. The trial was held in 2018 and we finally got the appeal information back last week that the Supreme Court had upheld the appeal. They ruled unanimously that we could annex Pendorff.”

Magee says the annexation will bring more than 700 residents and 67 businesses into the City of Laurel.

“One of the things they need to do is to contact their insurance company because Pendorff has a 10 rating as far as fire rating insurance goes, Laurel is a 5, which means their insurance will drastically be reduced,” Magee said.

In addition to lower insurance rates, Magee says residents will also see lower water rates.

“Right now, the outside of the city water rate is $19 plus for the first 3,000 gallons,” Magee said. “Now, the rate will be $12 for 3,000 gallons. So, the water will decrease, insurance will decrease, you’ll have police protection, fire protection, Public Works.”

Magee says within time, the water service will also improve.

“We will, over time, install sanitary sewers to the residents in Pendorff,” Magee said. “The majority of the residents in Pendorff have no sewer, they have septic tanks. So, we will hook up to these sanitary sewers where the water will not stay on the premises, but it will go to our treatment plants at either Massey or Smiley Lagoon. We will also be upgrading the water system. Most of the residents in Pendorff have small water lines, thin PVC pipes. We will upgrade that to larger lines. They have no fire hydrants in Pendorff because the lines are not large enough.”

Zoning will also have to be done, which means certain things will not be allowed in the city limits.

“One thing that the City of Laurel does not allow right now in that is mobile homes,” Magee said. “So, the mobile homes that are there now will be grandfathered in, which means that if they’re there now they can stay, but if they ever move, then they cannot be replaced with another mobile home.”

Magee says the annexation will not change where residents vote in November.

“November election will be the same,” Magee said. “Wherever you would vote before, you would vote there in November. We also have a city election coming up in June. We will be redistricting the city and including the Pendorff area, which means the election in June the Pendorff area residents will be able to vote in the city elections.”

Magee says this is a win for the city and the residents of Pendorff.

“Some people are against it because it’s new, but I believe that it will be an addition to their quality of life and Laurel is ready to serve them,” Magee said.

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