Richton School District takes steps to prevent COVID-19 cases

Richton School District takes steps to prevent COVID-19 cases

RICHTON, Miss. (WDAM) - The Richton School District is taking necessary steps to ensure safety for both students and staff after COVID-19 cases forced the district to go virtual for two weeks.

Here’s what Superintendent Clay Anglin had to say about the quarantine.

“Until something really happens to you, you take things for granted. And once we had this outbreak, I think it changed our opinion of how contagious it is, how it works inside the classroom, how it spreads from student to student," Anglin said. "Because of that, we did reevaluate somethings that we’re doing.”

The district’s first cases were spread on the football team’s bus after going to a Friday game.

That following Monday, COVID-19 spread to a few students in the ninth grade, which caused a the entire district to go virtual from Sept. 3 to Sept. 21.

After being back in session for a few weeks, the district has a plan to keep down COVID-19 cases.

“I think the one thing that we focused on was our teachers continuing to preach good hygiene, washing your hands, sanitizing doorknobs, cleaning desks when students go out," Anglin said. "I think that we just put a stronger emphasis on that.”

Students still attended school virtually during the quarantine.

Anglin said that although virtual learning has been a learning curve, this could become a new normal for many schools.

“There were a lot of parents that were uncomfortable with virtual learning," Anglin said. "It was new to teachers, so there were a lot of school teachers that were nervous about it as well. I feel like virtual learning is here to stay. I think it is a part of the norm in education now. I think there’s a big push for us to move in that direction. I will always say that you cannot replace a teacher and a student being in front of a teacher.”

Anglin asks that parents continue to trust the school district during this pandemic. He says that every plan is for the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Each day before school starts, each classroom is sanitized to combat the virus.

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