Hattiesburg announces roadway database

Hattiesburg announces roadway database

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - There are 383 miles of road in Hattiesburg, and now the city has video of all of it.

The website and data, created and collected by Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District, show the condition of each road and how the city can improve them.

Since the city has already spent more than $5 million on roadways during Mayor Toby Barker’s term, he believes this will help them spend wisely.

“In future budget years, we’re going to start earmarking a certain percentage of our paving budget to do some of those preventative techniques," Barker said. “We hope to continue our commitment to every neighborhood, every ward seeing some progress each year and trying to make our dollars being spent as efficiently as possible.”

Roads are one of the most common complaints the city gets.

“Now they can complain to us and we can get on the database and look without having to go out, even though we probably will anyway," Barker said. “It’s just a valuable tool for us in terms of how we plan for the infrastructure future of our city.”

One of the main features the website offers is preventative measures to add to the life of each road, something the city hopes to implement.

“Some could work. So we’ll work with our engineers as well as our contractors to see what could work in the city of Hattiesburg,” Barker said.

Barker hopes to spend another half-million dollars on paving in each ward by the end of the year.

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