Perry County Board of Supervisors agree on new developments for county

Perry County Board of Supervisors agree on new developments for county

PERRY COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Perry County Board of Supervisors met Monday to discuss new developments throughout the county, with roadways and jobs being the main topics of discussion.

Supervisors agreed on several improvements for roads throughout the county.

“The 2020 contract for paving will begin in November," Board President Bobby Bolton said. "It doesn’t necessarily mean that the pavement will start in November, November the first. But that’s when the contract begins. So, hopefully we will have some badly needed streets paved and roads going during that time.”

Bolton goes on to explain which roads will see new pavement.

“One that will be paved is First Street here in the city of New Augusta," Bolton said. "About this being the county seat, the road is rough and old and District 5 doesn’t have the funds to pave it. So two or three other districts went in, gave a little money because this is the county seat and it’s in front of the courthouse.”

New jobs could also be coming to the county soon. Bolton explains his hopes for the future.

“Definitely bring on employment, so some people won’t have to drive so far to work," Bolton said. "We’ve been working with it for quite some time, but we are just at the threshold and so hopefully any day now we’ll have something coming into Perry County.”

Board members also voted to lift the mask mandate for Perry County, and increase public attendance from 15 to 20 people in the meetings.

Community centers will remain closed until after the first of the new year.

Monday marked the last day for Bolton to serve as the president of the Perry County Board of Supervisors. The next board president is Supervisor Kevin Shows.

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