Skip the Line program makes driver’s license waits shorter

Updated: Oct. 1, 2020 at 6:24 PM CDT
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VANCLEAVE, Miss. (WLOX) - That mind-numbing wait to get a driver’s license may finally be over.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety’s new program called “Skip The Line” allows people to make an appointment online to get their drivers license, eliminating the wait that has been the norm for years.

Jackson County resident, Ginger Seaton said she has been putting off getting her Mississippi driver’s license.

“I’ve just heard horror stories about how long it takes," said Seaton "So, that’s why I never came.”

At the Albert Santa Cruz MHP building in Jackson County, customers moved in and out with little delay. While not everyone knew about the new program that showed up, they were able to get an appointment time and get in with minimal wait.

“It was better than I expected,” Seaton said. “I have delayed coming for quite a while and I walked right in and waited behind three people and it went pretty quick.”

Commissioner Sean Tindell, of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety said “The one thing we’ve been able to do is spread the customers out. So they’re not all showing up at the same time, and that’s what really creates the lines, so spreading them out in the morning and in the afternoon has made us more efficient and provided better customer service.”

The program has been tested for the last two weeks at the Biloxi and Jackson offices, and that has given the state time to make any needed adjustments.

“We found out the customers really enjoyed it,” Tindell said. "They were able to come in and book their appointments, set a time so they can get in and out. The feedback has been very positive. We have had a few little issues that we’ve worked through, and we’re going to continue to have those, but I’m confident that it’s going to be a great product.

For Ginger Seaton, the time investment was minimal.

“Maybe 30 minutes from when I got here," said Seaton. "You have to wait, once they process the people in front of you, it takes a few minutes, but it wasn’t bad at all.”

Customers can also view the lines at all major driver’s license stations prior to arriving through a live camera by visiting this link.

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