Jones County judicial candidate upset over missing, destroyed campaign signs

Jones County judicial candidate upset over missing, destroyed campaign signs

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Marian Allen, Justice Court Judge candidate for District 2, says her campaign signs continue to disappear.

“I’ve just gotten a little upset about that because as a candidate, you work hard to pay for these signs and then to have your signs being destroyed or either removed, that is very disheartening,” Allen said.

Allen says she is placing her signs in the approved areas, but somehow, they continue to go missing.

“I can’t say that the wind or the rain is removing the signs because I’ve replaced them several times and come back again and the sign is gone, and I have noticed that my opponents can have a sign on the same street, at the same intersection, their sign is still there,” Allen said.

With recent events in mind, Allen questions if race and gender play a part in the disappearance of her election signs.

“I’m the only Black, I’m the only female, so I’m a little concerned about this because in the heated climate that we’re in right now, in the political season, anything and everything is possible,” Allen said.

She says she has placed a complaint with the Laurel Police Department. Chief Tommy Cox says if you are caught removing or stealing a campaign sign, you will be charged.

“We do get complaints from time to time about people stealing the little yard signs when it comes to election time, you know, it’s just not the thing to do,” Cox said. “People spend their money on that. Those things are not free. If you are damaging or stealing someone else’s property, there is a charge. In this case it will most likely be a misdemeanor charge of petty larceny.”

Other candidates running for Justice Court Judge for District 2 include Jack Armstrong III, Neal Rogers and Sonny Saul.

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