Bobcats two weeks out from season-opener

Bobcats two weeks out from season-opener

ELLISVILLE, Miss. (WDAM) - Junior college football is quickly approaching.

Jones College kicks off its season against East Central in just two weeks.

Head coach Steve Buckley and company look to clean up some things and get healthy in the meantime.

The Bobcats will rely on 43 freshmen this season, of the 57 rostered players.

“My job is to be a leader so I try to get everybody right,” said Jones sophomore quarterback Quaterius Hawkins. “We got I think about 14 sophomores and the rest of 'em freshman. So, trying to get them on the same page.”

“We young but we’re very powerful,” said Jones freshman running back Romal Webb. “We’re trying to win this state championship and get the natty.”

“I’ve just been pleased with the overall freshman class,” Buckley said. “They came in with a great attitude, a great ambition to get better every day. Defensively, I think it’s probably our most talented defensive line we’ve had from top to bottom since we’ve been here. I’m very pleased with the freshmen.”

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